Do you trust your data?

Nearly 70% of all CFO’s agree that their teams need access to critical business data to gain insights and make better decisions. In many companies, it’s a struggle to organize all of the data into a Single Source of Truth

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DashboardHC Data Connectors: Systems We Work With

DashboardHC: Systems We Work With

Does this sound familiar? After the thrill of witnessing the promise of new data reporting and analytics platforms, the honeymoon fades when the onboarding begins. The hidden costs of these projects can surface when weeks drag into months and quarters,

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Single point of failure

Single Point of Failure

Turnover is an inherent risk for any organization in every industry. This is especially true for those in Senior Living, Post Acute Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Senior Care Facilities. As a leader, you know this, and it’s a constant battle to mitigate the risks. The reality is that many organizations channel their data through only a few key team members creating a single point of failure that can wreak havoc for the organization when they leave. … Read More

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