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Kevin Baker

I help skilled nursing and senior living companies work smarter. Get 24/7 access to ALL your securely hosted and managed Skilled Nursing & Senior Living data metrics across ALL your devices.

Success through service


At the heart of DashboardHC is service. We know our clients are on the front lines of serving the people of their communities in valuable ways. Running a healthy and thriving business is a sustainable path to giving back. Helping support the management of our clients’ businesses is our way of aiding in their good work.  Our #1 measure of success is the success of our clients.

We rise by lifting others.

Our commitment to service plays out in every aspect of DashboardHC. From our responsive help desk to blazing-fast internal caching systems, everything we do is designed to remove the barriers between operators and the information they need to make good decisions.

Keeping open lines of communications with clients is part of our service commitment. To facilitate this, we’ve developed several channels to deliver support.

Helpdesk Support

Our Helpdesk is the backbone of our support. Emailing is how most of our users start the conversation. Whether it’s an issue, question, request, suggestion, or even greeting, we are fanatical about giving our clients a great support experience.

When an email is received at, it’s analyzed and turned into a ticket. Once converted to a ticket, it’s not just assigned to anyone but the person best for the situation. They own it and will ensure the request is completed as efficiently and quickly as possible.

While email is the primary channel for most of our users, there are several lesser-known ways we can help.

Chat Support

Did you notice our chat icon when you visited last? If you didn’t, next time, take a second look! We have a live chat icon that is available during business hours, and if you happen to need something during off-hours, you can leave a message, and we will follow up asap!

Chat is a great way to talk to someone while that thought is fresh. It also can lead to a helpdesk ticket creation in the same way as an email.

Did you know? Chart Definition

Sometimes the best way to help is by helping someone help themselves. A common support request we receive is regarding how a chart or metric is calculated. That’s why we built Chart Definition.

This feature was designed to help provide transparency, establish trust, and build consensus about the data. To view it, go to the ellipsis menu in the upper right corner of a chart and click “Info”.

You can immediatly see the metrics and calculations that make up any chart. You can also drill into these metrics to see how they were built. This often answers questions our clients have and could also lead to corrections or improvements.

DashboardHC chart ellipsis menu info


Our CEO Kevin Baker is constantly working to bring more value to DashboardHC clients. When we add a great new feature, we try to get the message out. Often, a video is the best way to visualize how a feature works, or how it can be used.

Our Youtube channel is where you can find these videos. You can check them out here.

If you don’t see a tutorial on something you need, reach out to us via chat or email, and we will schedule a 1on1 session to help! Who knows, we might even use that session as the next tutorial!

News Feed

DashboardHC is constantly releasing new features, and it can be hard to keep up at times. That is why we created an excellent news feed at, where you can always read the latest release notes and check on things you might have missed. For even more updates and ways to get the most out of DashboardHC, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn too.

FAQ Coming Soon!

At DashboardHC, we are continually pushing forward and looking for ways to serve our clients better and add more value to our services. That’s why we are building out an all-new, in-depth FAQ section on our site! This FAQ section will provide a host of detailed answers to our most commonly asked questions. Stay tuned as we will be announcing more about this great new resource soon!

At DashboardHC, we genuinely believe that serving you to the best of our ability is our calling. Sure we are crazy about data, but our passion is helping you.

... people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

DashboardHC was forged from the desire to let Healthcare Facility, Senior Care, Senior Living, Post Acute Care and Skilled Nursing Facility operators of all sizes focus on what they do best — provide: great care for their patients & great experiences for their employees.

Thanks for letting us share this article with you.

Do you still have questions or comments? Let us know. Contact us today and we will help you get set up so you can start enjoying instant access to your dashboards.

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