Service is at the heart of DashboardHC. From sign-up to onboarding to day-to-day usage, our team is dedicated to helping drive your success. Where other reporting and analytics platforms end, we are just beginning.

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We are Skilled Nursing and Senior Living data experts that become your reporting and analytics service. We are your fractional data team.

We leverage our expert industry knowledge and custom-built Software to connect to the systems you already have, drastically reducing onboarding times all while keeping your costs low.


Easy, fast, powerful.

DashboardHC lets you build your own personalized dashboard of charts and graphs with just a few clicks. For power users, custom Excel pivot tables have never been easier.

Automate with ease


Manual reports and spreadsheets are time-consuming and error-prone. This increases the risk of wrong turns and missed opportunities. With DashboardHC you can automate your manual tasks and save time and money.


Securely hosted and HIPAA compliant.

DashboardHC gives you and your team access to your personalized information, metrics and KPIs from any device, any time, any where.

Providence Health Group has been using DashboardHC for over three years now, and we continue to be impressed by the ease of use of this platform, especially the mobile App. Customer service has also been top-notch, and the team is a joy to work with. We are extremely grateful for this platform and the capabilities it brings to our organization. Having all the metrics I need to manage my business at the click of a button is priceless. We highly recommend this product.

Steve N.
President | COO
DashboardHC Data Connectors: Systems We Work With
secure custom integrations


DashboardHC can bring data in from any system. Our pre-built data connectors and integrations speed up onboarding and increase data quality. If there is a system we haven’t worked with, we will build a data connector or integration for an overall benefit to all clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of your data is encrypted at rest & in transit.  Our entire platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure platform which includes additional robust security measures, monitoring & alerts that help keep us HIPAA compliant and your data safe.

Yes! We are verified HIPAA compliant by the Compliancy Group. This includes having signed BAA with our vendors and all of our clients as well as following best practices and having defined policies & procedures including how to handle if there is a data breach.

Our monthly departmental service fee includes hosting for your data warehouse.  We have a small fee if you want us to host any other databases such as your PointClickCare data relay or any other databases.

Yes. We offer the ability to tap into your aggregated data directly from Excel. Additionally, advanced users can even push data into the cube!

We have our own data connect application that allows us to integrate with many different vendors.  Each time that we encounter a new system or vendor that we have not worked with, we upgrade our connect application.  Today, we connect with PointClickCare and most of the top labor systems & GL systems in the industry.

We’ve built an entire support system for you, including live chat, ticketing, tutorials, and FAQs.

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