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The Top 10 Reporting Pain-points in the SNF Industry in 2022


Forged in my experience with the SNF industry, both in-house and as a consultant. After working and consulting with SNFs of all sizes, I’ve discovered they all face similar pain points concerning their BI data analytics. 

Here are 10 of the issues I see most often:

DATA QUALITYHave you been in a meeting where leaders are trying to hold each other accountable, but then the conversation goes into data quality concerns because numbers don’t match? When this happens, the meeting becomes a debate on whose numbers are “right” and not about the REAL issues.  DashboardHC uses OLAP Analysis Services to create one version of the truth by putting all of your data (financial, operational, clinical, and labor) into one data model so you can focus on the real problems.

FLEXIBILITYYou might not know what you want in regards to your data right away. The industry is constantly changing with new regulations. The ability to customize and quickly modify your reporting is critical to staying competitive. DashboardHC is highly flexible, so you can do ad hoc analysis and reporting from anywhere, anytime. We make sure you can always get the data you need to stay on top.

COMPLEXITYFrom my time at Ensign, I noticed many data tools are needlessly complex and force a rigid view upon you. I have learned that administrators long for simplicity (and they love Excel!). DashboardHC gives you the power & flexibility you need while keeping things as straightforward as possible so you can focus on running your business and not figuring out software.

TIME CONSUMPTIONI’ve always believed that an administrator’s primary focus should be on their patients, patient families, and employees. If they are behind a desk preparing numbers, submitting forecasts, running reports, they aren’t where they will have the most impact. DashboardHC takes care of the busy work and frees up administrators to focus on what they do best—taking care of their people.

MARKETABILITYThere is a narrowing of markets in the SNF industry—hospitals are choosing to partner with SNF providers based on their metrics and data. If you can’t easily show it to a hospital, you might struggle to make lasting connections. DashboardHC gets the correct data into your administrator’s hands, allowing them to better market their SNF to hospitals and doctors on the go.

TURNOVERAny SNF administrator knows that employee turnover is a huge concern. When someone who handles the data leaves the organization, it can be a massive headache to have their knowledge and workflow go with them. DashboardHC’s automated data systems reduce the risk of hiccups in services whenever an employee leaves.

HUMAN ERRORPreparing data by hand invites all sorts of human errors. DashboardHC sidesteps this pitfall by automatically preparing data and running continual checks to validate your data.

DELAYSYou have a new report that you need now, but the IT team is slammed, and your request goes into their ever-growing backlog. With DashboardHC’s query builder, you can navigate your data model and build charts on the fly. Your IT can focus on what they do best, and you can move forward with your metrics and insights in hand. 

PERFORMANCE Many others systems and tools can be so frustratingly slow, and you don’t even want to use them. When working with large data sets, having slow reports can be inevitable. With DashboardHC’s analysis services’ tech stack, even the most brutal reports are fast! We have developed an advanced caching system to make the performance blazing fast!

COSTDevelopers and BI analysts cost money—lots of it. The average BI person makes between $80,000 and $125,000 per year. That doesn’t include people to manage them, servers, and software. After all of that time and money, it still might not deliver what your leaders need.  DashboardHC solves this; we bundle the tools with the service, so you get a fractional data team at a lower cost than if you hired internally. We aren’t just an app but your data services team!

Did we miss anything? Let us know what your pain points are!

DashboardHC was forged from the desire to let Healthcare Facility, Senior Care, Senior Living, Post Acute Care and Skilled Nursing Facility operators of all sizes focus on what they do best — provide: great care for their patients & great experiences for their employees.

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