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Highlight: Creating Shareable Dashboards

At DashboardHC, we know that being able to communicate quickly and precisely with others is paramount to being an effective leader. That’s why we created shareable dashboard links.
You can now empower anyone, inside or outside your organization, to take action based on the latest insights into your data without the need for them to login or have an account. And you can revoke or expire the shared links at any time!
Best of all, your shareable dashboard links can easily be saved or bookmarked and viewed anytime. There’s no need to send them updates, the link will always display the most current data.
Imagine being in a meeting and sending everyone a dashboard of key metrics … right from your phone. Do you have a vendor that needs to monitor one of your key metrics? Share a custom dashboard with them. They will always have updated data without your having to resend it to them. Revoke that access at any time. The possibilities are endless.
Watch our latest video to see how DashboardHC gives you the power to create self-updating shareable dashboards in just a couple of minutes.

Video Transcription:

Hey, Kevin here with DashboardHC. Today I want to show you what makes our platform so unique. We really believe that everyone in the building should have access to more real time quality data. And so our platform lets you really quickly create new content that you can share with others in the building. Our stuff is not meant just for administrators, but for really any role we offer in all of our packages unlimited users. I want to show you an example of if I wanted to have my dietary manager at a given building to have access to a dashboard without having to be able to log in and let me show you real quick how that would work. So real quick, I’m going to go through and we’re going to make a new dashboard on my account.

I’m going to set this up for Building 6. Let’s go and hit save. Now, in our platform you can go and create new cards and charts, but we could also do is select from preexisting charts that are out there. So today I’m going to grab a ADC for our dietary manager, dietary hours PPD, dietary overtime spend along with just the current census to help them with some planning. And we can quickly add those to our dashboard. Let’s rearrange it and make sure it looks nice here. Let’s resize. Perfect.

So now we have a good baseline of what we want our dietary manager to look at on a daily basis. So now I want to go ahead and share this with that person. So in this case you can share it with individual users on the platform or if you want to share it with just their email, you can do that as well. So I’m going to go ahead and send this to myself, but as the dietary person so I’ll do Kevin plus dietary and hit save. All right. And that’s going to bring over an email here in a second. Let me pull that up.

All right. And here’s the email that we just got and just shows a dashboard has been shared with you. Click here to view it. This is what the dietary manager would have experienced once you shared it with them. So let’s go ahead and open this up in an incognito window to see what they’re going to see. So what’ll happen is when they open it up, they can go through and they can run this or run this dashboard any time every day going forward. It doesn’t give them full access to the platform, but they can just see this dashboard at any time. So this could become a nice link that they just save on their desktop. But this is how you can really quickly go and create content on the fly for an individual role and go and share it with them so that way they can access it at any time. So again, this is the thing that makes our platform really unique. It’s really about trying to get data out to everybody at your building so everyone’s on the same page.

Thanks so much for watching. Really appreciate it. Take care.

DashboardHC was forged from the desire to let Healthcare Facility, Senior Care, Senior Living, Post Acute Care and Skilled Nursing Facility operators of all sizes focus on what they do best — provide: great care for their patients & great experiences for their employees.

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