Highlight: One-Size Fits All?

One size doesn’t fit all. Every business is unique, and yours is no exception. We have a client who needed drill-through P&Ls in their PowerBI Paginated Reports. Currently, PowerBI Paginated Reports doesn’t have that capability. But, DashboardHC isn’t just a tool. It’s a service and platform that was built from the ground up to be

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Spotlight: Danielle Morgan, DNM Design Studio

Jim Collins shares a wonderful analogy called “Fire Bullets, then Cannonballs” in his book Great by Choice. It has stuck with me since I first read it years ago: “Picture yourself at sea, a hostile ship bearing down on you. You have a limited amount of gunpowder. You take all your gunpowder and use it

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DashboardHC Healthcare Data Analysis and Data Warehouse

My Journey into SNF’s

DashboardHC was forged from the desire to let SNF operators of all sizes focus on what they do best — provide: great care for their patients & great experiences for their employees.

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